Psychic Self-Defence

By Dr. Tan Kheng Khoo


Is there such a thing as an auric or psychic attack? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’. The attack is basically at our subtle bodies, the seven auric bodies. These bodies are seen as layers of vibrating energies one on top of the other immediately adjacent to the physical body. We have at least 7 of these subtle bodies. They interpenetrate each other including the physical body. The physical is the 8th and is the densest and the slowest in vibration. The next layers are the etheric, astral, mental and four more subtler spiritual bodies. Each body is vibrating more rapidly and is larger than the one beneath. These auric bodies start to develop from the day we are born. In the first year of our life, they continue to develop and grow until it is fully mature at the age of two. From then onwards, these are our own suits of armour which protect us from assaults, insults and deliberate attacks from humans, spirits and elementals. These assaults are hurled at our auric bodies, but it is the astral (emotional) body that bears the brunt of the attack. The attack may be deliberate or accidental, and usually ends up with physical, emotional and mental consequences. It is mostly the physical effects that tell us that something is wrong, at which time we seek for help.

Normally, we are protected by our aura (the entire 7 bodies). We normally protect and upkeep our aura with enough sleep, food and exercise, and we try to limit stress to a minimum. Although some people are more sensitive than others, illnesses and loss of material assets or loved ones may damage our auric defence. This lowers our defence, and consequently we become much more susceptible to auric attacks. Psychics, mediums and healers are also more prone to these attacks. When it comes down to who else is vulnerable, the businessman, the counsellor and even the housewife may have to protect themselves during their daily chores. The businessman because of competition and jealousy; the counsellor or welfare worker because their ‘hungry’ clients suck their energy; and the housewife spends a fair amount of the money in buying goods for the home, and the salesman may use more than just a sales pitch to sell. Lastly, the ‘holy’ meditating vegetarian is also more susceptible than the oily, meat-eating businessman who is actively pursuing money, power and sex.


An attack can be human or non-human, occult or non-occult, and finally either intentional or accidental.


Under this category, the attack may be intentional or accidental. In the intentional variety, it can be occult or non-occult. Many of the forms to be described here are of the intentional variety. However, it is the accidental ones that we hardly know about. For instance, when we scold our children when they are naughty, the negative, angry energy we transmit to them could very well turn into an auric attack. This is not our intention, but nevertheless it happens. This form of reprimand to our staff and our relatives, especially our spouses, quite often becomes an auric attack. So beware! Then the petty jealousy and envy we cultivate towards our competitors could also end up as an attack.

Majority of human auric assaults are non-occult. They include all the above varieties of accidental cases. Most of the intentional cases are also not of the occult type, because there are very few occultists left in our modern, developed societies. However, there are still few occultists left in this field, who will carry out your wishes for a fee. But majority of the occultists do not practice for mercenary gains.

About 10 years ago, I tried to disentangle a friend from his young mistress during my meditation. I imagined them enveloped within one ‘sarong’, and I cut the ‘sarong’ asunder. It was an amateurish attempt, and I end up getting rather ill. The young mistress’s mother had the expertise of occult Siamese charms, and I was no match compared to her prowess.

Malicious Human Action may be initiated by:

(a) Hypnotic Telepathic Suggestion
(b) Conscious Suggestion and Autosuggestion
(c) Reinforcement of the suggestion by invisible agencies like
(i) Thought Forms
(ii) Artificial elements
(iii) Mental concentration
(iv) Ectoplasm
(v) Jinni
(d) Physical Points of Contact:
(e) Magnetic links--- like talisman, wax and wooden dolls, ointments and drugs, and contaminated food.
(ii) Possessions of victim’s nail clippings, hair, blood (including menstrual), sperms, urine, stool, metal watches, rings, bracelets etc.

In the cases of malicious human action, the first thing to do is to eliminate physical and mental diseases. Doctors and psychiatrists can rule out neurotic diseases and insanity. The perpetrator may practice (a) hypnotic telepathic suggestion if he is very adept at it. However, it is much more efficacious if he (b) consciously suggests to the victim that he is about to aurically attack him. Invisible agencies like thought forms, artificial elements, mental concentration, ectoplasm and Jinni may reinforce these suggestions. Thought forms are concocted by the occultist and made real by intense mental concentration. This process is repeated until the thought form becomes seemingly solid and mobile to terrorise the victim. This process can be further reinforced by the sorcerer using elemental forms created by the mind with ectoplasm, which can be ensouled by the creator to have a distinct life of its own. However, this ‘creature’ is not everlasting as energy leaks from it, and it will lose its viability in due course.

I knew an old Siamese lady occultist who adopted a daughter. This young daughter’s parents-in-laws used black magic to viciously attack the daughter in law. The hard-boiled egg given to her for breakfast when broken up would show dark blood elements. Many other methods were used. She stayed with the in-laws, and therefore it is easy for magnetised hairs or nail clippings to be obtained from her. The motive for eliminating her was money. Nevertheless, the old occultist friend of mine was having a battle royal with the in-laws’ sorcerers. It was a 24-hour affair. My friend’s instruction to her own real daughter, with whom she is staying with, was not to open their main door, while she is asleep. This instruction was carried out for months meticulously. However, one morning the daughter decided to just open the door for 15 seconds to retrieve a bottle of water just outside her door. This was enough time for the enemy to get into the flat while the old lady was asleep. The assailing force pummelled the old occultist into unconsciousness. The daughter saw nothing except that the mother was on the floor unconscious covered with bruises. She quickly left to consult a very close friend of the mother’s, who was a Buddhist monk. The monk instructed the daughter to sacrifice 2 chickens, cook them and offer them to the elementals that were attacking her mother. While the elementals were devouring the chickens, the monk revived the old lady, who had been unconscious, all this while. When the mother woke up, she recounted every detail of what the daughter did while she was out. All this while, the attacker, the victim and the monk were all at their respective abodes: they did not move an inch! The entire episode was enacted in Bangkok.

Another illustrative case concerned my first teacher, who was the abbot of a very haunted monastery in the North East of Thailand. As a young abbot in Phuket, another monastery did not like this young monk to set shop near their doorsteps. So the opposing camp started to send missiles made of stones and boulders and arrows with fiery tips. These were all done with psychic power. My late teacher threw a psychic barricade around his own monastery, and not one of the missiles ever came near his monastery. At the time I went to my 1st teacher, he already had about 50 years of meditation practice. This was in 1975. All these itinerant forest monks must undergo training in occultism. Otherwise they cannot survive.

There was another lady in Singapore who trained a Jinni to give her information regarding her clients that come to ask her questions. She needed to take at least 10 to 20 seconds to get an answer from the Jinni. The information was usually very accurate with regards to the past and the present. However, when it came to the future, her guess was as good as mine. That means the Jinni cannot tell the future! The unsavoury part of this relationship was that she had to keep feeding this Jinni with either chicken’s or duck’s blood. This sacrifice must be done in the cemetery at full moon nights!

Elementals can be utilised by these occult practitioners who may use (1) water, (2) air (wind), (3) fire and (4) earth. So, theoretically these 4 elements may produce tidal waves, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes induced by the power of the adept. Furthermore, elms and nature spirits may also be used positively to help to improve cultivation of a particular area e.g. Findhorn. Lastly, it is well known that jungles have oversouls or spirits of their own to protect desecration of the jungles. Mountain and jungle sickness is prevalent amongst novices who venture into these areas for the first time.

Thought atmosphere in a place is used to engender nervousness, fear, anger and panic in crowd control and arousal. Adept speakers cleverly exploit mental-emotional energy in this instance. And a good speaker can arouse excitement in the audience to fever pitch. Sometimes a nervous atmosphere may even make an experienced stage performer nervous!

Physical points of contact are utilised by possessing various parts of the victim like nail clippings, hair, etc and intimate belongings like watches and rings of the victim. These are then used to construct magnetic links e.g. talisman, wax and wooden dolls for the adept to work on.

Non-human Interference

In this category, spirits of the lower astral realm are mostly involved. They are mischievous or evil predators who roam the earthly realms to pounce upon those humans whose auras are deficient or weakened by disease or loss of loved ones and financial assets. These usually end up as an auric attack, easily cured by a healer. There are also the ignorant spirits that do not know that they are dead. They hang around their loved ones and obsess the living to the detriment of the latter. This is a form of spiritual vampirism.

The places where these predators may be located are the usual cemeteries, funeral wakes, hospitals, temples, churches, haunted buildings etc. Then there are lodges where cults, occultists and exorcists practise: these should be avoided by the uninitiated. Due to curiosity, some of us tend to go into these venues and lodges and meet the unseen forces, and enter into situations beyond our depth. Calamity strikes, especially where perpetrators are indulging in Left-hand paths. The results could be disastrous, and it may then be impossible to extricate oneself. In these instances, the veil between us and the lower astral is torn, and the inhabitants of that realm together with the occult practitioners can create havoc to the curious and uninformed. By then it is too late to retract one’s step. Therefore, one must not enter into these dens of iniquities merely for curiosity sake.

Symptoms of an attack

The person under an attack may suffer the following:

1) Fatigue and malaise. There is usually a feeling of listlessness and lethargy. There is no desire to go out and do exciting or interesting things, as per usual. The tiredness is there soon after waking up in the morning, and lasts until one goes to bed at night. This inertia will intensify, if uncorrected, until the victim is exhausted. He goes to a doctor, who examines him and runs a series of tests. But alas, to no avail. The doctor is completely bewildered, and proffers an ambiguous diagnosis like ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. Finally, the victim gets a nervous breakdown, and ends up with a psychiatrist or a healer. This is a form of spiritual vampirism. He may then lose his job, which may fortuitously begin the process of healing. This is because the attacks may emanate from the work place. Or he may travel overseas for a rest and holiday, and this action may also trigger a healing process. The latter healing may happen if the attacks are human and non-occult, and they are dependent on repeated daily or weekly reinforcements with food, drugs or oils.

2) Insomnia and Nightmares. The person under attack may find that he is unable to sleep at nights. These are of 2 varieties. One is the normal type which coffee drinkers suffer. The other is due the fact that the psychic attacks are usually timed at just before going into or just coming out of deep sleep. The commonest form of attack is when a victim is awakened up by a heavy weight or ‘someone' pressing on his chest. He is completely unable to move. He cannot speak or shout, and he finds great difficulty in breathing. The experience is terrifying, and the attack may seem interminably long, but usually it is no longer than a minute or so. When these attacks are frequent, he dares not go to sleep. What can make things worse is that some of them wake up with bruises of definite patterns on their bodies. At this point, they would have to come to a definite conclusion that these attacks are either occult or spiritual. The latter is of course due to spirits in the lower astral or they are earthbound.

Some people take these chest pressures as bad dreams, but they are either due to the occultist sending out his etheric body reinforced with ectoplasm to attack the victim or due to a mischievous earthbound spirit. In the case of the occultist, the offender loses a lot of weight projecting ectoplasm for the assault. Consequently, if the victim just maintains his calmness with no panic, time is on his side. If he continues with this equanimity, the attacker will have to give up, as he will be exhausted himself.

Nightmares are usually composed of recurring dreams of ogres or monsters coming to assault the victim every night. Or the victim may try night after night to throw himself out of the window as in sleep walking or injure himself. The above 2 varieties of attacks are truly terrifying, and that is why the victim dares not fall asleep.

3) Finale: If no help is sought with the above of signs and symptoms, the victim may end up wasting away. With the loss of tissue, insomnia and nervous exhaustion, the victim becomes a shell of skin and bones. Finally he expires without a diagnosis. This sequel is pretty rare in modern cultures, but it is not uncommon in the olden days in the jungles of Africa, where the practice of ‘bone pointing’ was quite prevalent.

4) External Signs. The most frequent one is rotten odours like decomposed flesh, dung or filthy drains. The other is the sudden appearance of slime. There may be also footprints of humans and animals from nowhere and are completely unaccountable. Lastly, there may be peculiar sounds and lights, and poltergeist activity. These are all merely external signs to reinforce the presence of auric attacks; otherwise they merely represent haunting of the building.


General Measures

Given that most of us are not occultists, these general measures will ward off most non-occult and non-human attacks.

1) Stay Healthy: The most important step is to have enough sleep and rest. When a person is overworked and stressed by it, he is much less resistant to any form of attack by spirit or microorganisms. After relaxation, one must also have enough and proper nourishment and food. A pure vegetarian diet alone may not be nourishing enough. Fish or other white meat may be required, but try to avoid red meat. What diet to have is entirely dependent on the individual, but one should not go hungry at any time. In addition, the bowels must be kept open.

Then exercise is of paramount importance. The exercise can be coupled with the experience of sunlight, which also strengthens the aura. Try and exercise in parks where other people are around, but not to walk or jog alone in woods or forests. Play games and do physical training in groups. Massages and aromatherapy may help. If one is always cold due the attacks, have hot baths or footbaths, and have a hot water bottle on the solar plexus before you sleep. Lastly, after returning from places of inimical atmosphere, take a hot shower and have a new change of clothes.

2) Earthing or grounding: In walking in the parks, one is already earthing oneself. However, in order to perform a proper grounding, one does the following: stand firmly on the ground with the legs slightly apart. Then imagine a root from each sole of the foot growing downwards deep into the ground. If one is sitting, then a single root should be imagined to grow downwards into the ground from the 1st chakra at the base of the spine.

3) White lighting: Again remain either standing or sitting. Then imagine a ball of white or golden light above the head. Visualize a shower of white or golden light from this ball pouring down onto you, through you and around you. Then from the center of your body this light emanates outwards to form an egg-shape aura surrounding you with the narrower portion of the egg beneath you and the bottom of the egg above you (Fig. 1). The aura must be as far away from you as your outstretched arms. The aura will also include the ball of light above your head. Then go to the most external casing of the aura, and strengthen it by imagining that it is thicker than the shell of a duck’s egg.


This exercise should be performed daily, at least once a day, but sometimes more. The latter depends on whether one is going to unsavoury places or not. With this fortified aura in tact one should then visualize our connection with our higher self (spark of divinity). This could be identified as the ball of light above the head or at a spot at the bottom of the sternum in front of the chest. This armour and protector (higher self) should repel most auric attacks. However, an experienced occultist can still harm us, but with great difficulty. Nevertheless, with repeated practice this aura can extend greatly in size, and will definitely prevent any intrusion by non-material entities whether asleep or awake. Destructive atmospheres and physical harm may also be deflected by this powerful aura. These may include violence, accidents, natural disasters and even diseases.

Measures (2) and (3) work on the principle of ‘energy follows thought’. Whatever one thinks or visualizes is real and can be seen by clairvoyants.

4) Meditation: If one is not a meditator, one should not try to learn to meditate at this juncture. But if one is an experienced meditator, then by all means meditate more rigorously. At the end of the meditation, send the assailant love if he or she is not an occultist, and quite often this will do the trick. In due course, the assailant will stop sending you hate and angry energy. However if the assailant is an occultist, do not send love, for he will transform the love to hate energy which will be used against you. Therefore, for an experienced meditator, go deep into absorptions (Jhanas), and acquire peace, harmony and equanimity with the protection of God, Buddha or Allah. This will raise the consciousness of the victim to such a high spiritual level that the attacker cannot possibly reach. For malice, use compassion and unconditional love. For lust, use purity and selflessness. For vampirism, talk to the deceased spirit, as he or she is usually a loved one. If the attacker is using either hypnotic telepathic or autosuggestion, one should purify one’s mind so that the suggestions cannot take root.

Lastly, everybody who meditates must close his chakras after each meditation. One does not close the crown (7th) chakra, but all the remaining chakras must be closed sequentially starting from the 6th, the one at the 3rd eye. Then continue with the 5th at the throat, the 4th at the heart, the 3rd at the solar plexus, the 2nd at top of the pubic area and finally at the 1st chakra at the bottom of the spine. Each chakra is depicted to be an open flower, which is closed down to a bud, one at a time. Another method is to imagine that these six are light bulbs, and they are systemically switched off, one by one.

5) Mindfulness of the Body: During an attack, one should try and be aware of one’s physical body as much as possible, i.e. centering at our bodies. To the Buddhists, the best way of doing this is by concentrating on the breath. The breathing must be normal and even. That means the inspiration must be equal to the expiration. There should not be any increase in the respiratory rate, as in panic. In fact, the best way of breathing is normal, deep and abdominal in type. In addition, one should be aware of one’s emotions. Any fear, panic, and anger should be noted, and straightaway corrected. Normally, a meditator who has strengthened his aura and grounded himself should be able to overcome one’s fears, be it rational or irrational. An experienced meditator who is always calm should be able to withstand sudden fear due to subliminal influences e. g. ghosts, spirits or malevolent atmospheres. If the victim is not a meditator, be aware and remain as calm as possible. Do not allow panic attacks to set in. This is exactly what the attacker wants. At this juncture, the victim may also say a prayer or an affirmation. Perform the sign of a pentagram (Fig 2) straightaway, and this will do away with whatever spirit or ghost that is around. It will also shield you against any occultist attack.

6) Control one’s Emotions. Fear, guilt and desire are the most treacherous of emotions. They should not be harboured at all at any time. Fear has been touched on briefly in the last section. We need rational and calm deliberation with the help of meditation to eradicate the fear. Guilt is always played upon by the offender by oblique suggestions. The best antidote here is to forgive yourself, for who has never done anything wrong? The forgiving must be repeated if necessary. Then laugh it away for good. Laughter is a good cleansing fluid for quilt and fear. The last item of desire is more insidious. It is usually a hidden sexual desire from a past life relationship. The attacker would be using hypnotic telepathic suggestion utilizing lust and cruelty directed at the victim. The victim should by now have recognized that hidden desire in her. This must be strenuously resisted and she should stop seeing the attacker at all cost. This past life bond is very difficult to break asunder, and the victim may need the help of an adept for the severance. Another quick method is to give your whole body a good shake down, and this will temporarily squeeze out the fear, guilt and desire.

7) Contact Points. Finally, one should try to destroy or burn meticulously all one’s human sheddings. Hairs, nail clippings, menstrual pads, urine and stools should all be completely eradicated. One should also not give or allow to be stolen personal belongings like watches, rings or handkerchiefs. Neither should one be too eager to receive talisman, pendants, crosses and rings from people you do not know very well. Even though they may be from monks or priests. Negative or malicious energy may be breathed into these items, and if you are wearing them everyday, you may be drawn to that person daily or ever so often. This is one way how a monk or priest can perpetuate the loyalty of their donors.


1) Heal the aura. The best thing to do this is to go to a reliable healer who should be able to do the job easily.

2) Clear the atmosphere. Use pomegranate leaves or a small brush to sprinkle consecrated salt water all over the house or that particular room. The consecration can be simply done by saying a prayer or repeating an invocation while the salt water is being prepared. This is done by sprinkling a spoonful of salt into a bowl of water. While doing this and while sprinkling the ‘holy’ water onto the walls of the house, repeat your prayer or invocation.

3) Break contact with troubling forces. Move to a new environment with a new set of clothes and with as little belongings as possible. If moving house is not possible, change your room. If you cannot change your room, change the direction of the bed. In moving to a new abode, it is better if one can cross running water (river or sea), as this will help by throwing off the scent of the attacker, but a spirit can still follow you. After arriving at the new place, bathe in salt water while chanting an invocation or prayer at the same time. Do it like a ritual. After this, strengthen your aura once again.

4) Disposal of belongings. Personal belongings such as clothes, shirts, jacket and raincoats etc should be sunned in the open for 3 days before giving them away. Similarly, furniture, chairs and mattresses should also be sunned for 3 days before they are disposed off. Of course hairs, nail clippings, handkerchiefs and menstrual pads should be burnt. As a reversal ploy, a woman who is angling for the man may prepare fried rice with her menstrual blood to feed the man. This is one way to entice the man for more. Similarly, night soil, urine, sperms and blood material should be meticulously dealt with, because they are all magnetized objects.

5) Ancillary measures. Small quantities of consecrated salt water or nitric acid in small saucers should be left all over the room or house. These are changed every few days. Whole cloves of onions and garlic may also be left in the room for human and non-human visitors. They should also be burnt after some time.

6) Magic Circle. Before one sleeps, imagine a Ring of Fire around the bed in a clockwise fashion (deosil). Do the same to your companion’s bed. Then white light both beds at once.

7) Pentagram. This is performed as according to the diagram (Fig 2) Start with the right hand down across at the level of the left hip. The next step is to move the hand upward to the center above the head with the 1st and 2nd fingers pointing to the heavens. Then move the hand down again to the right hip. Then swing your hand across to the level of the left shoulder with the fingers pointing to the left. Then, cut across with the hand ending at the right shoulder with the fingers pointing away from the body. Lastly, swing the hand across and down to the left hip again. This pentagram will banish all thought forms, elementals, nature spirits and ghosts. As with white lighting, the pentagram can be use to protect our cars, houses, pets and loved ones

8) Green pyramid. This is another form of visualization that can protect us from offending intruders. Either lie or sit down and go into silence, i.e. withdrawing from all external thoughts. Then visualize that you are encased in a green pyramid, whose base is beneath your floor, and the apex is above your head. Make sure that the sides of the pyramid are firmly attached to the base, and tightly converged at the apex. If you need to move, attach wheels to the pyramid, and if you want to look out, create a window. Then open your eyes to survey your surroundings. Finally, you may either go into meditation or sleep, and you can rest assured that the pyramid remains intact. Similarly, you can encase your car, house, and loved ones with a pyramid. This pyramid will prevent any intrusion from all sorts of predators.

9) Protecting the solar plexus. There are 3 methods you can protect your 3rd chakra. Firstly, close all your chakras, except the 7th. Then put a sheet of glass around your solar plexus, when you are interviewing someone, who is sapping your energy. You can still talk, but you will not be sapped. Secondly, you can create a brick wall around you. In this instance nobody can communicate with you. Lastly, like in the cowboy films, press your elbows to your sides and put your both hands in front your solar plexus with both thumbs hitch onto your belt or top of your trousers. In these instances, the person in front of you will not be able to absorb your energy.

10) Gazing. When you are facing a potential attacker, do not gaze into his eyes. Look at his 3rd eye, i.e. the middle of his forehead between his two eyes. When you just concentrate on his 3rd eye he has no power over you.

11) Occult Police. Imagine a black Calvary cross on a circle of scarlet background at your 3rd eye. A Calvary cross is one, which the vertical line is longer than the horizontal line (Fig 3.) Then call for help. Either your own guide (guardian angel) or the roaming spiritual ‘police’ will come to your aid.

12) Mirrors. If you are worried that your house will be attacked put small mirrors at every window facing outwards. If you know that a colleague in your office is sending you negative or hate energy, put a small mirror facing him on your desk. The hate energy will revert back to the sender.

Not all the ancillary methods will work for you. However choose one, and try it out. If you fail, try another. If you find one that works with you and you are comfortable with it, stick to that one. However, the most powerful ones are the general measures, through which most attackers cannot penetrate, unless the offender is a very experienced occultist.

To the curious, Prevention is Better than Cure. Therefore one should avoid indulging in (1) Ouija boards, (2) Tarot cards and (3) seances. (4) Further, one should not join cults or organizations that profess the ability of performing black or white magic. (5) Avoid Lodges and organizations that act in secret. (6) Do not go to mediums of dubious background. They should be certified by a recognized and registered organization in that country. (7) Try to avoid religious ceremonies in which deities are seen to descend and possess a medium for that festive season. The medium involved will be seen to be striking about or moving violently. The energy generated is tremendously great, and you could accidentally receive that force with ill effects. (8) Do not attend retreats that you know nothing about the organization. Who is the leader? Is he known only by his psychic power? (9) Do not join and sign up in an organization, whose goodness and welfare are all hearsay, and is entirely dependent on the charisma of the incumbent head of the organization. (10) Do not chant at home over and over again any religious sutras especially in front of an altar. This will invariably entice earth-bound spirits to enter your home. These spirits were accustomed to these chants when alive, and now they are attracted to the same chants in a home. While in the house, they will attack the person with the weakest aura, be it any member of the household or a servant maid. She could be of any nationality: the only condition is that she must have a weak aura.

The above are just a few activities to avoid, for ‘Curiosity Kills the Cat’ is a true adage.