Spirits, Ghosts and Guides

By Dr. Tan Kheng Khoo


Form is Emptiness, and Emptiness is Form. This famous Buddhist saying means many things. However I would like to interpret it this way: when any material form is reduced to its atomic proportions and then is further reduced to sub-atomic particles and so on, it will finally be transformed into energy. This energy is not visible to the naked eye, and hence it literally has become empty to us. Conversely, the space between the forms is not really empty. The forms that we see and feel are only 10% of 'things' that we can perceive. The other 90% are not discernible to our naked eye. The purpose of this article is therefore to acquaint you with the forms in this emptiness.
There is copious evidence collected to prove life after death. These are:
(1) Communication through mediums
(2) Apparitions of the dead
(3) Out-of-Body experiences
(4) Near-Death-Experiences
(5) Reincarnation memories
(6) Spirit photographs and spirit voice recordings
(7) Possession cases
(8) Deathbed observations
Many volumes of books have been written on them; and therefore there is no necessity to elaborate on them here.

The Dying Process
Just before death, the etheric body begins to loosen itself from the physical body. This process starts from the legs upward. Then the person experiences intermittent loss of consciousness until the loss is permanent. At this point of death, whatever pain or agony the person is suffering ceases, and a total sense of peace and tranquillity descends on to the person. He or she registers this transition with a calm and peaceful look on the face instead of the agonising grimace just before death. The body is now limp and flaccid. As these physical changes are occurring, the etheric body slowly disentangles itself from the physical body. The point of entrance through the Gates of Death coincides with the severance of the silver cord, which joins the physical forehead to the back of the head of the etheric body. From here onwards, no healer in the world can resuscitate the dead person.
After the severance of the silver cord, the etheric body slowly emanates through the crown chakra as a cloud. When it is completely out of the body, it reforms into an etheric body that looks exactly like the corpse left behind on the bed. At this point, he may not know that he is dead. This knowledge will determine the future fate of his spirit. If he knows that he is dead, than he will either go straight to the astral world or he will linger on to say good-bye to his loved ones, after which he will depart to the astral. Friends, relatives or guides from the astral world will accompany him there. However, the ones who do not know that they are dead will remain earth-bound. The time spent saying good-bye varies between days and months. When they finally leave for the astral, they will shed their etheric forms, and enter the astral in their astral bodies. These are different from the etheric bodies, which are the exact replica of the physical. The astral body may appear in one of three forms. They can appear just as they are at the time of death; or they more likely appear as in their prime (e.g. 30-35 years old). It takes time to come to one's prime: it is not an immediate affair. The third form is entirely different from the above 2 astral or etheric forms, but the percipients can still easily recognise this 3rd form. This 3rd form frequently occurs in our dreams, and yet we can easily recognise the individuals. They can fly with ease, and may squeeze themselves through keyholes. If a person died with an arm or leg missing, the astral form will be whole again. However, if the spirit is earth-bound, then he will look just as old as when he died, and if an arm is missing, he will still be without an arm.

After working on one's vibrations to improve them in the astral, one may then upgrade to the mental realm. This transition necessitates the shedding of the astral (emotional) body. This is a very painful process, and it is also called the second death, because all emotions of love, anger, joy, sadness and happiness have to be left behind. In the mental realm, one may assume a form as a 'ball of light’; this ball of light will still be recognised by friends and relatives. After much more effort and practice, one may further upgrade to higher spiritual realms and so on. These gradations upwards are interspersed by many earthly incarnations.

Now where are all these realms? They are not anywhere faraway. These realms are all around us. We promote ourselves to higher realms through a heightening of our vibrations. We can move from one realm to another whilst remaining in the same spot. It is like increasing the speed of an electric fan: when the speed is slow the fan blades are discernible, but they become less and less discernible as the speed increases until the blades cannot be seen at all. That means if you are of the middle astral, you may not be able to see another spirit in the higher astral, even though both of you are on the same spot. As in the analogy of the fan, as one moves up in the spiritual realm, it becomes more difficult to communicate directly with one's loved ones on earth. This is because the faster vibrating spirit (higher speed fan) will destroy or burn the slower vibrating individual on earth. The higher spirit must do it through a medium on earth or through some spirits whose function is to transmit messages to the living. That is why people who claim that Jesus or Buddha came to visit them are totally mistaken. They are more likely to be the person’s own guides.
Another point about communicating with the dead is that one must not repeatedly call back the dead. This is because if the recently departed has just arrived at the middle astral, and a loved one on earth repeatedly calls him back, he is behoved to stay earth-bound by these numerous calls. If need be, the deceased can be called back just to make sure that he is all right, or if some information is urgently required, but this practice should not be repeated at all. To summarise, the following classification may help:

Souls of the Departed
(A) Souls of the Living Dead (those who will finally reincarnate and with whom spiritualists can communicate):
(1) Earth-bound Spirits: Souls who do not know that they are dead and are earth-bound. There are quite a number in this category.
(2) Spirits: Souls who know that they are dead and are in the lower, mid-astral and higher astral. Most of our guides are in this category. The proper definition of a spirit is the entire individual without the physical body. He is composed of all the subtle bodies (7 or more), chakras, soul, core star, Hara and higher self, which is connected to the Godhead. As our spirit improves and ascend to higher realms, we will peel off the subtle bodies one at a time. Spirits also include all categories of liberated souls as mentioned below, and all types and varieties of spirits in between.
(B) Liberated Souls: these are the souls who have outgrown earth life (enlightened) and have gone to another realm for further development. They are not contactable by humans.
(C) Enlightened Liberated Souls (Bodhisattvas): These are the souls that are enlightened and have gone on, but have vowed to come back to the earth-sphere to help the living souls. They may be in spirit or maybe in the flesh. These are the souls that the occultists get in touch with if they are in spirit.
Let us discuss the category of the earth-bound, which is the most troublesome and most perceived.

Earth-Bound Spirits
Many categories fall into this class. All of them do not know that they are dead:
(1) Suicide victims
(2) Murder victims
(3) War casualties
(4) Violent accidental deaths
(5) Deluded ghosts haunting buildings
(6) Obsession: Recently deceased spirits closely attached to living loved ones
(7) Possession: permanent and intermittent
(8) Poltergeists
(9) Recently deceased spirits who have unfinished business still on earth
(10) Others.
All the above are deluded and do not realise that they have died. Suicides, murder victims and violent deaths belong to the same category in the swiftness of their deaths. One moment they are alive, and in another they are dead. They are not prepared for this suddenness. They are violently angry and probably full of fear. They do not know how to go to the white light, and if deceased relatives or guides are there to bring them across, they cannot see them. Therefore, they remain in that location for years, until they realise that they are dead and are brought across by spirit guides. There are numerous ignorant spirits still fighting each other in the battlefields of Europe today. These are the dead victims of the Second World War. In some cases, these souls have already gone else where, but the energy of that violence remains. The incident will be repeated over and over again at the same spot and exactly the same time of the day. It is only an energy enactment of the thought forms. The whole scene will be totally mechanical and the thought forms will not respond to any human presence. If, however, they are actual earth-bound spirits and not thought forms, then when a human comes along there will be some reaction to the human presence. In these cases of violence, they do not know that they are dead because of the fear and suddenness of the incidents. Some of them persist in talking to their loved ones, who do not respond. One can see drones of these ignorant depressed spirits hovering and following their loved ones. There is extreme frustration, but they will continue until they finally realise that their efforts are totally futile. At this point, they may believe that the living are ghosts, and they are the living. The opposite situation is when the living relative continually bemoans the deceased, and wishes that the deceased were still with him or her, then the deceased will very likely remain earth-bound.

Ghosts who haunt buildings and places are again people who have died and do not realise that they are dead. The classical case is the old man who died with a heart attack. When he 'wakes up', he will think that he had just fallen asleep, and thus does not know that he has died. He will continue to live in the house trying to communicate with the living in the house to no avail. He still feels that he owns the house. So when new owners come to stay, the first thing he will do is to try and get rid of the new comers. The latter mostly cannot hear him. A case in point is an old man, who used to own the house we bought. What he would continually say to all new comers is 'Please, leave my house!' After many years of ineffectual exhortations, he decided to communicate only to the more psychic of the new owners, namely me. Every evening at about 6.30 PM, whilst I am resting on the bed, he would come and sit on my bedside and chitchat with me. The conversations are of no importance. They are about what I did for the day. I would then tell him that I performed 10 post-mortems in the morning, meaning that 10 new emigrants had just passed on to his realm. Has he met them? Invariably, he knows nothing about it. His world is just my bedroom and no where else. When my old home was pulled down, and a new block of condominium was built over the land, he moved over to occupy one of the flats. That is why when brand new flats or houses are built over graveyards or where old haunted houses used to be, the ghosts will move over to the new house or flat. This means that a ghost is not only a spirit that does not know that he is dead, but he is also fairly stupid, moving over to a new flat at a twinkle of an eye and yet still does not realise that he is dead.

This happens when a recently deceased entity is attached to a loved one on earth. Good examples are (1) husband and wife (2) mother and son or daughter (3) lovers and (4) father and son or daughter. I have seen examples of all of them. The spirit hangs around very closely to the living, trying to communicate with him or her, and influencing the living at every turn. Alas, to no avail. However, the consequences are rather detrimental to the living. The latter loses weight and energy; he suffers from insomnia, irritability, and loss of appetite and shows a steady deterioration of concentration. At the end, he gets exhausted and goes into a deep depression and end up with seeing a doctor or a psychiatrist, both of whom will be nonplussed. There is no diagnosis, and all the tranquillisers make matters worst. Finally, if the living is lucky, the obsessing spirit leaves on her own accord, or else the obsession may last for years, until the living, especially the remaining spouse, succumbs and joins the obsessing spirit in death. A spiritual person or healer can easily clear this obsession. This is how it is done: tell the obsessed person to visualise the deceased, and speak to her or him as if he or she is there in front of the obsessed. Inform the spirit that you are all right, and she should go to the white light to meet her other relatives and friends. Inform the deceased that by attaching herself to the living, she is actually causing a lot of harm to the living. If she is adamant, get her to think of a deceased relative herself. This will do the trick. The minute the deceased relative appears, the obsessing spirit will be whisk away by that relative to the white light. The above two measures may also be used to exorcise a ghost in a house.

Possession may be intermittent or permanent (that means throughout the day and night). The medium that channels spirit guides is an example of intermittent possession. However, in this instance, the possession is controlled by the medium's own guides. No other entity can come in except the one that has been agreed upon. On the other hand, haphazard possession is very troublesome and taxing for everybody concerned. The person who is possessed normally has his or her chakras open and often their auras are imperfect or damaged. This happens when the person is very stressed due to loss of money or loved ones. Or he has just recovered from an illness. In this state of deficient aura, if he is not fully conscious as in under anaesthesia or in a drunken stupor or under the influence of drugs, he may very well be possessed. A person, who is meditating and falls into a trance, thus losing awareness, is also quite liable to be possessed. The location of the victim is also important. Drug addict dens and pubs are good hunting ground for the predators. Hospitals, churches, temples, burial sites, cremation buildings, sacred sites along Ley lines and haunted houses are all vulnerable to possession. Therefore the ideal setting for a possession are (1) a victim who has a damaged and deficient aura, (2) he is not fully conscious or in a trance state at the time, (3) the presence of predators (marauding spirits) and (4) a highly charged and spirited location.
The following practices are also conducive to possession: (a) games involving Ouija board (b) Tarot cards reading (c) funeral wakes (d) rituals in cemeteries, temples and churches and old consecrated grounds.

Auric Attacks
These are attacks on the auras of people as in the cases of possession, but the attacks are much less serious and the predator does not inhabit the victim. The most common type of an auric attack is when a relative goes and visits a patient in a hospital or attends a funeral wake. The places are identical to those enumerated above for possession, as these locations are loaded with ghostly predators. So after an attack, when the victim comes home he experiences symptoms of 'influenza', but there is no temperature present. He gets weaker and weaker by the day, even though he feeds himself voraciously. He puts on weight, but he gets more and more debilitated. This continues until he reaches a state in which he cannot even get out of his bed. Of course, the doctor has no idea what is going on, even after numerous tests have been carried out. Finally, the attack may wear off on its own, but it may take months or years. Basking in the sun and an overseas trip may help to clear the condition. However, a healer can put the patient back to health in one or two sessions of healing. These auric attacks are quite common, and very few people realise it. They are often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome.

These are spirits in the building in which they cause things to fly about. Some times stones are thrown into the house with great precision without hurting anyone or breaking anything. In this instance when the stones are felt, they are felt to be warm. The worst case scenario is when huge pieces of furniture fly all over the room and crockery etc, crash to the ground. Pets and people have been excluded from being the cause of these activities. Quite often these incidences start when there is some psychological trauma inflicted on some teenagers in the house. The minute the individual leaves the house the poltergeist activity ceases. However, there are also cases, in which there is no evidence of psychological trauma in the house. In a few cases, spontaneous combustion may also be initiated by poltergeists.

Materialisation and Disappearance of 'things'
In some homes where there is a great deal of meditation or other ritualistic activities going on, 'things' start to appear in the house. These objects are usually medallions, Buddha statues, rings or even watches. They seem to be a result of apportation. That means an object of some sort will be dematerialised in one place and appear spontaneously in the house, where the religious ceremonies are being carried out. These objects can stay for a long time.
On the other hand, things in an ordinary household would disappear and reappear again after a few days. This latter phenomenon is different and is more likely due to a ghost in the house. Very rarely perfumes or fragrances may be smelt: these are purported to be due to the presence of angels or guides. On the other hand, evil or mischievous spirits cause bad odours. The latter may by eradicated by raising the vibration of the house. This is done by meditation and service, which is of course quite a tall order. Exorcism may also be attempted, but there is no guarantee of a success.
There are numerous other strange and peculiar phenomena, which will not be discussed here because of the lack of space.
In the Souls of the Living Dead under (2) Spirits above: These souls who are already in the Astral may come back from time to time in order to visit or inspect their loved ones, and sometimes to give messages in dreams or appear in 'human' forms to them. Sometimes they hang around to protect the living loved ones. Then they return to the Astral again. Most of our guides are from this realm. Relatives, friends, and appointed guides who are sent from the astral realm to accompany the dying to the astral are also in this category.
The two types of liberated souls (enlightened) are beyond the perception of our five senses. Type (B) have already gone to higher realms and are therefore not contactable by us. Type (C) are the invisible Bodhisattvas who are also not detectable by us. The Bodhisattvas that are in incarnation are usually not recognised by all and sundry: we merely guess that they are Bodhisattvas because of their relentless service to mankind.

Projections of the Living
It is well known that at the point of death, the dying can project an astro-etheric form (simulacrum). A good example is when a favourite son were to die in a far away foreign country, his simulacrum will appear to his mother thousands of miles away just to say goodbye. The mother being not a psychic has never experienced this phenomenon before. A twin may do the same with the remaining twin. An ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia died in Penang and in the same hour, his etheric appeared in London to a relative of mine. His simulacrum shocked and frightened my relative, who promptly switched on the lights for the rest of the night. It was only the next morning that she heard the news about his death on the radio! The reason for this visit was this: about 30 years ago, this Prime Minister visited Australia, where my relative entertained him. It was a memorable time for him, because his horse won the Melbourne Cup! These exhilarating moments are lovingly kept in the memory bank. And therefore at the time of death, one usually makes the round of saying goodbye to relatives, friends and even acquaintances, like in this case, all over the world. This ex-Prime Minister hardly knew my relative, but the memory was exquisite.
What is less well known is that a trained occultist can also project a simulacrum voluntarily. Alexandra David-Neel was a rare occultist practising in Tibet. She projected a thought-form that looks like a Friar Tuck. This practice went on for some time until one day she could not call back the thought-form. So she had to go to her Guru to dissolve the Friar Tuck who had been roaming the monastery independently!
These thought-forms are entirely absorbed in their own affairs, and they appear to ignore their surroundings. They also do not display any reaction to the human activity nearby.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and the Jewish Qabalah are all equally explicit about the existence of angels. Qabalah has 10 Archangels and 10 orders of angelic beings. Protestants, however have very little notion of Angelic Hierarchies.
These divine robots are perfect and non-intellectual and they do not evolve. Each is strictly conditioned by its own perfect nature to fulfil the job for which it was created. It is free from all struggle and inner conflict, but it is changeless and therefore it does not evolve. No angel ever goes outside his own sphere of activity. The angel who has healing powers cannot foretell the future. Their functions are many and diverse, and they do not have any direct contact with dense matter. An angel has only one specific function, which he does very well until he is taken off the job.
The GodHead gives rise to:
(1) Divine sparks (nuclei of Men's souls)
(2) Solar Logos ----- > Angels

Elementals are thought-forms generated by co-ordinated systems of reactions that have become stereotyped by constant and unchanging repetition. Repeated waves of birth and death of similar souls on earth constitute each epoch of evolution. When the souls (divine sparks) are withdrawn to the higher spiritual realms, they leave behind them co-ordinated systems of magnetic stresses as forms. Whenever any movement takes place an electric current is set up, and if a series of co-ordinated movements is repeated many times, these currents tend to make adjustments so that they create independent 'forms' of their own. These are now independent of the physical activities that gave rise to them in the first place. It is out of these co-ordinators that the Elementals are evolved. Therefore Elementals are creations of the created.
There are many types of these Elementals. The great 4 divisions of the Elemental spirits are of (1) Earth, (2) Air, (3) Fire and (4) Water. Earth will give rise to earthquakes; air to tornadoes and typhoons; fire to volcanic eruptions; and water to floods.
Some of these Elements may be caught and trained to do bids for the human. We call these Jinns. Some of them are kept in bottles, and they are seen as wisps of smoke in the clear glass bottles. The tasks that are asked of them are to find out the past of other individuals and their present predicament. Then when the owner of the Jinns can present the accurate information to the victim, he or she will be terribly impressed. From then on, the con man can name the fee for future predictions. However, the Jinn cannot predict the future. There lies the trap; money is spent to no avail. However, knowledge of the past may also be useful as a subtle blackmailing point by the con man.

Signs of Ghostly or Angelic Presence
What are the signs that intimate to us the presence of angels, ghosts, spirits and guides? The following are some pointers:

(1) Cold Spots: There is a drop in temperature only in one small area in the room. If one were to move out of that area, the temperature is back to normal. Or the entire room or building may be cold and chilly.
(2) Apparition or vision: This is the commonest manifestation. The ghost may be a resident ghost or it may be a relative. If it is a resident, the viewer may be frightened, but after many appearances, one takes it as part of the ambience of the house. If it is a relative, he may either just want to communicate or he may have become a 'resident' without realising that he is dead. The ghost usually appears to the one who is the most psychic, as he has to expend energy to manifest himself. That is why some people can only see the head, and some others can see the head and shoulders, whilst the most psychic can see the whole body.
(3) Voice: The voices are trying to communicate with the living, who may or may not want to answer them. A voice may be calling your name all day. It learned from a living relative who calls you all the time, and it also assumes a voice very similar to that relative. There is a superstition that one must not answer these calls, as the ghost may want a companion. If one is spiritually assured and is willing to help out with the ghost, then one may even carry out a conversation with the ghost telling him to go the white light. The ghost could be a singing one. Thus, one maybe entertained with an opera every night. However, one cannot choose the language or the composer of the opera! Therefore, it could be a nuisance. There also maybe switching noises, but the lights do not go off or on, only the switching noises are present.
(4) Electrical appliances: Lights, radios and television sets come on and off on their own. Television programmes are changed without human intervention. Toasters, microwave sets and refrigerators break down repeatedly for no reason. Sometimes, even computers present messages from the other world, and intelligent repartees may be carried out with the owner of the computer.
(5) Feelings: As you enter the haunted house, your heart beat increases, so does your respiratory rate, and periodically, goose flesh is experienced. This eerie feeling of the hairs standing on end may even affect those who are not psychic. After one leaves the house, one is extremely exhausted. Occasionally, one gets depressed after visiting a house. One may even return home with an auric attack.
(6) Dark house: If the house is dark even in bright daylight, be wary. If you still like the house because of its locality, bring either a dog or a child less than 3 years old to the house. If the dog runs out quickly with its tail between its legs, and starts to yelp at the house, it is most likely haunted. By the same token, if the child starts to cry or howl, the house is spirited. With the dog’s and child’s tests being positive, and the house is dark, dank and cold, it takes a courageous person to buy the house.
(7) Odours: Bad smells or odours may be there in the house when you first move in. Or the smell may emanate some time later. The smell is that of rotten meat or dung of an animal. This usually signifies a malevolent presence. You can either get an exorcist to remove the presence or increase the vibrations of the house yourself. The latter is much more difficult, because it involves long periods of meditation and selfless service. Of course, when you smell fragrant perfumes, you are blessed: these are due to the presence of angelic beings.
(8) Pressure on the chest: This phenomenon happens when one is asleep. The timing of it is when you are just about to enter deep sleep or coming out of deep sleep. One feels this pressure on the chest. One finds it very difficult to breathe and when attempting to shout no voice comes out. One feels like dying. Then all a sudden the pressure is off. If one were to say a prayer or a mantra in the mind, the presence will vanish much quicker.
(9) Doors and windows may open and shut even though they were securely locked. There may be tapping or rattling on the walls. This may be a nightly occurrence. In one house that I stayed in, punctually at 12 midnight, sounds of a pair of clogs keep running up and down the wooden stairs. When one stands to watch the proceedings, there are no clogs seen at all on the stairs.
(10) Although all the doors and windows are properly shut, there may be a strong wind blowing, rattling the chandeliers and other hanging lights. Some music may accompany this wind.
(11) A psychic can easily see a spirit at the corner of one's eye, but the second you turn around it disappears. This usually means the presence of a spirit. For a psychic, this happens very often throughout the day: this truly exemplifies the phrase emptiness is form.
(12) Sexual seductions: The ghost can seduce either sex. A female ghost may seduce a living male, and vice versa. The person who is seduced normally will fall very ill and expire fairly soon, unless he or she is healed quickly. Sometimes, a male ghost would bring the deceased father of the living female to ask for permission to marry his daughter. A woman came to see me for help under exactly the same conditions. I told her to move house. She did that twice, but it was to no avail. He followed her every where, although she was determined not to marry him. Finally, she went to a Hindu Swami, who prayed away the persistent male ghost. The trick here is not to succumb to the suitor.
(13) Timing: If a ghost appears at 3 am, he is most likely to appear at the same time every night. They normally like to appear at night, but a few may also appear during the day. They do not like crowds. The human body smells to them, and if there are many humans present they do not appear.
(14) Sometime ghosts appear as balls of light. The green ball of light is one to avoid, because it signifies the restless ghost is frustrated with his earth-bound status (usually after a suicide), and they are quite determined to take a companion to keep them company.
(15) Venue: These are the places to avoid: churches, temples, hospitals, crematoriums, cemeteries, burial grounds, old folks’ homes, old sacred sites like Stonehenge, Ley lines and old sacrificial temples e.g. in South America (Mexico). Houses that are left empty for more than a year is most likely to be acquired by roaming earth-bound ghosts. Even new houses may be haunted. It all depends on what ground the new building is on.
(16) Statues and pictures: The more life like in size is a statue, the more likely spirits will inhabit it. So, in a home or more likely in temples, where many robbers, murderers and other evil people come to pray everyday, the chances are that the statues will be inhabited. The spirits follow these bad hats into the temple, and they see so many people praying to those statues, they would also like to be prayed to. So they remain behind in the temple when the murderers and robbers leave the temple and inhabit the statutes. Some huge portraits may also contain ghosts, especially if the paintings are of good quality.
(17) When one visits cemeteries, crematoriums and even old folks' homes, one or more spirits may accompany one home. Therefore, one must white-light oneself when visiting these places.
(18) Children and their Invisible Friends: Some children are born with invisible friends. Everyday at a certain location (it is either their bedrooms or the playroom) one hears the child playing and talking to an invisible friend. At an early stage, when the parents were to ask the child who is he playing with, he will say his friend 'Gobi' or 'Toto', and points towards the empty space. If the parent were to scold the poor child not to be idiotic, as there is no one there, the child will be confused and hurt. The child will from thence onwards refrain from mentioning the invisible friend. If on the other hand, the parents were very sympathetic to the situation and inquire more about the friend, and gently inquire what are they playing or talking about, then the situation will be fine. The child will continue with his or her invisible playmate, and no secrets need be kept from the parents. The invisible friend normally will take their permanent leave of the child when the child is seven years old and above.
Deceased grandparents, who remain in the house as ghosts, always like to hang around the grandchild, who may or may not have met the grandparent. If they knew each other before, the child will be very happy and secure. If they have never met, then there may be screams and crying out at the sight of the grandparent, but finally there maybe some reconciliation.
(19) Pets and Ghosts: Pet dogs and cats are able to see ghosts. If the ghost is a deceased owner, the dog or cat will feel very much at home. The dog will wag its tail happily and even go and snuggle up to the ghost. If the ghost is a stranger, the dog will bark at the same spot all the time until the ghost disappears. If the presence is malevolent, the barking is very severe and the dog 's hairs will be standing on their ends. The cat will also bristle its hairs if the presence is evil, but on the whole, cats take ghosts in their stride and do not fuss too much about them. At the most, they merely stare at them. When a pet dies, and if the pet is very close to the owner, it may come back from time to time to visit. It may jump onto the bed with the owner sleeping in it, and the owner may feel a small indentation on the bedcovers if it is a cat. If it is a deceased dog, the indentation is greater. But the dog is more likely to come rubbing itself against the legs of the owner, or the owner is more likely to hear footsteps of a dog running to receive him when he comes home from work.